Bishop’s Letter on the Year of Faith

The following is a letter from Bishop Richard Stika to be read throughout the diocese at all Masses this weekend concerning the Year of Faith and our upcoming 25th anniversary as a diocese: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: This past Thursday, the 11th of October, we marked the beginning of the Year of Faith and the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council whose mission it was to help us grow deeper in our understanding of the richness of the Catholic faith. I want to encourage each of you to use this particular occasion to prayerfully reflect upon what you could do personally to make this Year of Faith fruitful. With this being said, I want to encourage you to consider doing the following: 1) Increase your daily prayer life to include the Profession of Faith that we pray in the form of the Nicene Creed. 2) Frequent the Sacrament of Confession. As medicine is for the body, confession is health care of the soul. Also, avail yourself of the special plenary indulgences that are offered during the Year of Faith, that help to better purify us for our heavenly reward. 3) Increase your involvement in your parish community with the gift of your time, prayer, and resources such as participating in Scriptural studies, making Holy Hours of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament or helping to start or maintain a St. Vincent de Paul Society in your parish. 4) Take every opportunity to be the hands and face of Jesus to all you encounter. We must always keep in mind that our faith should never be static, but active in charity, for every call to action is first of all a call to prayer, and every prayer is incomplete unless it leads us to a greater love of God and our neighbor.